Newcomer Application

What is a Mentor

Mentorship is a two-way partnership in which an experienced individual passes their knowledge, experience and professional connections to help a less experienced individual. By having someone to advise and guide you, you can benefit more from their experience than when you are independent.

What is Mentorship

A mentor is someone who supports, advises, guides and provides a newcomer with the right tools to thrive personally or professionally.

What is a Newcomer

This is you! A newcomer is a dedicated student who seeks to grow personally, develop professionally and successfully achieve one’s goals.

Benefits of Joining a Mentorship Program

  • Gain practical advice, experience and support
  • Improve self-confidence and social confidence
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Cultivate a personal network within the community
  • Experience new and different perspectives and activities
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Share information, ask questions, and connect with others in a safe and private way

The following information is used for mentor-to-newcomer pairing and is not intended for screening. Please respond at your discretion as most fields are not mandatory.