Becoming a Canadian Citizen                      

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. 

Helen Keller

Becoming a citizen in a new county is an exciting and busy time! Within the Becoming a Canadian Citizen category, you can access information on steps to becoming a Canadian citizen and tips for studying for the Canadian Citizenship Test. This category also offers guidance on how to access legal support, information on how to start your own business, the importance of having a will, best practices for what to do if you do not feel safe - and knowing your rights in Canada.

Path to Permanent Residency

Canadian flag on a hillside overlooking mountains.

Steps to Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Learn more about becoming a Canadian citizen.

Studying for the Canadian Citizenship Test

Learn more about preparation and study for the Canadian citizenship test.

Legal Advice

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Knowing Your Rights as a Tenant

Learn more about your right as a tenant in Canada.

Canadian flag in the foreground of Parliament.

Legal Supports Available

The Canadian legal system protects you in many different areas of your life. Find information about your legal rights and responsibilities and how to get legal help.

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Starting Your Own Business

Learn more about how to start your own business in Canada.

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The Importance of Having a Will

Once you’re settled in Canada, it’s also important to protect yourself and your family by making a will. Learn about making a will as a newcomer to Canada and the process of getting a will made.

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What to Do If You Feel Unsafe

Learn more about what to do if you feel unsafe.