The Local Immigration Partnership aims to strengthen the role of local communities across Lanark and Renfrew Counties in integrating and serving our newcomer population.

LIP helps
newcomers settle
in rural communities

LIP Mission

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP) are funded by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a department of the government of Canada, and support communities in bringing together service providers, settlement agencies, community groups, employers and other key municipal organizations to create a welcoming and inclusive community for newcomers.


In Lanark and Renfrew Counties, the work of Local Immigration Partnerships is administered by Algonquin College’s Pembroke Campus. To enable this work to happen, LIP staff conduct research to identify challenges that are preventing newcomers from fully participating in the economic, social, cultural and recreational life of the community. The LIP team also identifies new opportunities with a goal of helping newcomers settle in rural areas.


A key principle of LIP’s work is developing relationships and linkages between like-minded organizations to encourage collaboration that builds on the strengths of multiple partners. Welcoming communities are created by helping municipalities understand the benefits of newcomer attraction and assisting them with their planning and execution of activities that support immigrants who settle in their communities.

Our Priorities

The key priorities of the Local Immigration Partnership are:

  • To expand on the foundational work that LIP has done over the past decade to develop innovative projects and services that support a decentralized approach to immigrant attraction in the rural communities that make up Lanark and Renfrew County.
  • To augment and amplify the participation of community partners by growing representation on our LIP Advisory Councils.
  • To encourage inclusion and diversity in rural communities that have historically experienced limited newcomer settlement through sharing of knowledge, conducting research and facilitating community planning.
  • To engage in dynamic research that improves current newcomer attract strategies and informs future LIP activities.
  • To bring newcomers and Indigenous peoples together as LIP works towards Truth and Reconciliation by creating more inclusive communities.
  • To respond to partnership opportunities with municipal governments, economic development organizations and community leaders who share a vision to revitalize rural regions through direct and secondary migration of newcomers.

Membership on the Local Immigration Partnership Advisory Council includes representatives of municipalities, District School Boards, post-secondary education, Employment Services, Local Labour Market planning groups, economic development offices, community allies, employers and government services. Membership changes over time as new community partners join the Advisory Councils in both Renfrew and Lanark Counties.


It is with great excitement that the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) – Lanark & Renfrew presents its Welcoming Communities: No Wrong Door Strategic Plan for 2021-2025. This Strategic Plan represents the culmination of engagement and input by community members, stakeholders, and rights-based holders committed to fostering welcoming communities across Lanark and Renfrew Counties. Through research, community consultation sessions, interviews and analysis the team established four strategic priorities, each focusing on building positive experiences and continuing to create welcoming communities for everyone.

  1. Creating Connections: Enhance links Between Stakeholders Working Toward Welcoming Communities
  2. Building Trust: Positive Attitudes Toward Immigrants, Cultural Diversity, and the Presence of Newcomers in the Community
  3. Employer Outreach & Support: Pro-Active and Reactive Approaches to Lessons Learned
  4. Community Integrated Learning: Foster a Two-Way Path for Newcomers and Community Members to Learn From One Another

Each of these priorities is achievable through the specific initiatives and action items which were designed to build on the existing working of LIP – Lanark & Renfrew and the strengths of our communities.

Click here to explore our Welcoming Communities: No Wrong Door Strategic Plan for 2021-2025.

Land Acknowledgement

The Local Immigration Partnership acknowledges that its work takes place on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin people. Traditionally known as Anishinabe, Algonquin people are the original inhabitants of the wide swath of territory along the Ottawa River. We respectfully thank the Algonquin people for hosting us on their ancestral lands.


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