Getting Settled               

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

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Getting settled into your new community is a time full of wonder and excitement! Knowing where or how to start the process can sometimes be overwhelming. Within the Getting Settled category, you will learn some basics for settling into your new community, such as getting a driver’s license, setting up phone and internet services, or finding items from clothing to furniture. In this category, you will also find information on finding and preparing for employment or securing housing for you and your family.

Getting the Basics in Place

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Getting a Phone & Internet Service

Having access to a phone and internet is essential in everyday life, especially when trying to navigate a new home. Below is some helpful information to get you started.

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Getting a Mailbox

Registering for a mailbox or P.O. Box allows you to receive important documents by mail and send things to a place you can pick them up.

A sample Ontario driver’s license for John Doe.

ServiceOntario: Services and Supports

At ServiceOntario you can get your driver’s licence, vehicle plate stickers, health cards, birth certificates, register a birth and more.

A collection of ticket numbers

How to Get Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Learn more about applying for a Canadian Social Insurance Number.

A hospital room

How to Get Your Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP) Card

Learn more about application for Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP).

A male driving instructor provides guidance to a male student as they both look at a car

Getting Your Driver’s Licence

For many, driving is the primary transportation choice. The first step to driving in Ontario is obtaining a valid driver’s license.

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How to Find Free Things From Clothes to Furniture

To help you find items that people in your neighbourhood are giving away without asking for anything in return there are many websites and apps that you can explore.

Finding Employment

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Local Employment Support Office

Local employment support offices can help you get training, build skills or find a job.

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Tools to Find Jobs in Your Area

Knowing what jobs are available is essential in securing employment. The Job Board is your one-stop-shop for job searching in the Renfrew and Lanark County regions.

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Applying For a Job

Learn more about applying for a job in Canada.

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Preparing For a Job Interview

Learn more about preparing for a job interview in Canada.

Finding Housing

A gated community.

Steps to Renting an Apartment or House

Learn what to expect when looking for your first rental apartment or house in Canada.

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Supports Available to Find Housing

Learn about the supports available in your community to enable eligible newcomers to access permanent housing.