Learn About Canada & Local Communities

Canada is the homeland of equality, justice, and tolerance.

Kim Campbell 

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new country - is learning all about it. Getting involved in your community can provide an opportunity to get to know your new environment, meet new people and learn new skills. In the Learn About Canada category, you will find information on the Algonquin people of the Ottawa Valley - along with access to the Land Acknowledgement. Gain insight into being Canadian from a multicultural perspective - learning about local stories or staying involved with local information. The Learn About Canada category also provides insight into local activities such as clubs, recreational organizations and ways to explore local nature.

Local Activities

Barron Canyon cut by a river, surrounded by pine and large trees.

Explore Local Nature

Renfrew and Lanark county are an outdoor-lover’s paradise. The area boasts some of the most beautiful scenery this side of the province, and the opportunities to get out in nature are endless.

A room full of yoga participants.

Sports, Clubs, and Recreational Organizations

Learn more about how to join local sports, clubs or recreational organizations in your community.

Group of adult learners sit sharing in an open discussion.

Community Classes and Workshops

Learn where to find local community classes or workshops – and how to connect with them.

Local Indigenous History

The Indigenous People of the Ottawa Valley are Algonquin

The Indigenous People of the Ottawa Valley are Algonquin and we are on their land. Learn more about local Indigenous Peoples.

Land Acknowledgements

It is important to understand the longstanding history that has brought you to reside on the Indigenous Peoples land, and to seek to understand your place within that history.

What it Means to Be Canadian

Forest meadow with the sun beaming through.

Local Stories and Information

Learn more about finding information on local history, culture, traditions and stories.

Being Canadian from a Multicultural Perspective

It’s important to know that just because you’re adapting to a new culture, it doesn’t mean you need to let go of your customs.