LIP – Lanark & Renfrew Launches Strategic Plan


“Focusing on building positive experiences and welcoming everyone, we look forward to working together to achieve an inclusive community that everyone is proud to call home”

Karthi Rajamani, LIP – Lanark & Renfrew Advisory Council Co-Chair

After 10 years of foundational work in Lanark and Renfrew Counties, the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) continues to play a key role in attracting newcomers to the region with a focus on helping them settle and build lives in Canada.  The Partnership has recently launched a new Strategic Plan, entitled: Welcoming Communities: No Wrong Door that will guide its work through 2025.

The focus areas include creating connections to enhance links between stakeholders; building trust by influencing positive attitudes towards immigrants and the contributions that they make to communities; providing additional employer outreach and support to help newcomers access employment; and creating an integrated learning framework that allows both newcomers and community members to learn from one another.

Image: Swoop Media