Upper Ottawa Valley Shows Support for Muslim Family Killed in London


“It shocks me that the reason I could be killed is my hijab and my faith."

Shahed Albakhit

Upwards of 100 area residents gathered at the Pembroke waterfront Sunday, June 13 night to mourn alongside the Muslim community and remember the London, Ont. family murdered in what police have said was an act of terror exactly one week before.

What had for the most part been a bright sunny day in Pembroke swiftly changed Sunday evening to an ominous, heavily overcast one where the sky gave way to driving rain as the people came together for the march shortly after 8 p.m. The participants gathered in a circle under the shelter of the Waterfront Amphitheatre to mourn together, offer prayers, share their thoughts and listen to a reading from the Qur’an by Jibran Mudassir, a youth member of the Ottawa Valley Islamic Centre in Deep River.

Photo: Anthony Dixon